Firefox Crop Circle on Google Maps

It is possibly the largest Firefox logo on earth. The Firefox Crop Circle with a diameter of 220 feet is constructed in an oat field near Amity, Oregon, where it is invisible from the road but attracts eyes from the sky.

Read about the origin of the idea, and the step by step creation of the Firefox Crop Circle.

“We quickly designed and printed large posters that had a two color version of the logo. With that we bisected the image into 32 sections and overlayed 60 concentric circles with even space between them. In our mock up, the gap between the circles was two feet. On top of the design, we also constructed our stompers. Inspired by the discovery channel, our stompers were constructed using 2×4’s and rope. With our plan and stompers ready, we hit the field.”

firefox crop circle

Now the Firefox Crop Circle is visible at Google Maps and Google Earth. See the zoomed in crop circle on Google Maps. Here is an overlay for Google Earth. And someone in comments points out that a plane and 5 cars south of the crop circle spell Fx. See more images of the firefox crop circle. Amazing!

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