Microsoft India SecureWars Security Contest for IT Professionals

Securewars is a unique Microsoft India initiative to promote the concepts of Information systems security amongst Indian IT Professionals. Any IT professional residing in India shall be entitled to participate in the contest (except Microsoft employees or related). Registration process will start from 30th Nov 2006 to 31st Dec 2006.

The terms reveal that the contest is held is 4 stages
Stage I- Security Quiz:
Stage II- Security Exam
Stage III- Securing IT assets (scenario based architecture)
Stage IV – Panel interview

There are lots of smart prizes to be won like XBox 360, Windows smart phones etc.. If you are IT Pro in India, participate in the Microsoft India SecureWars contest and maybe you could win some cool prizes from Microsoft.

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One comment on “Microsoft India SecureWars Security Contest for IT Professionals

  1. Lakshmikanth says:

    Has anybody reveived the top 100 prize (Smart Phone) till date in the securewars contest?

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