Opera 9.1 Browser Powered with Fraud Protection Server

All modern browsers are building in anti phishing tools to prevent online fraud and increase online security. The new Opera 9.1 web browser launched today with fraud protection measures. Phishing sites aim to steal your passwords, your credit card numbers, and other personal information by impersonating authority websites like banks etc.

By default, Opera Fraud protection is disabled. When Opera Fraud Protection is enabled, when you visit a website, the server checks the domain name of the requested page against live whitelists compiled by GeoTrust, and blacklists compiled by GeoTrust and Phishtank.

They assure the user that privacy is not an issue with this Fraud Protection Server.

“No information goes directly to third parties, and the information that is forwarded to whitelist/blacklist providers is not connected to your identity. HTTPS sites are checked via an encrypted channel, while IP addresses on the local intranet will never be checked.

Although Opera’s fraud protection server stores the domain name and the security status of the Web sites you visit, it does not save your IP address or any other information related to your identity. There are no cookies or other session information.”

Get the new Opera 9.1 and enhance your online security. See the changelog for new features.

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