Secret CPM Based Google Display Advertising Network

We all know about the Google Adsense advertising program and the Adsense for parked domain names. But Google has more to offer their top Adsense publishers (besides the Google Adsense premium program). Jon Chow discloses details about the secret Google Display Advertising Network that is targeted at Fortune 1000 companies.

The only way to get into the Google Display Advertising Network is if Google invites you. These hand picked sites will display ads at a very high CPM from these Fortune 1000 companies and the display network is 100% CPM based. The display network members can negotiate a flat CPM rate with Google and have to guarantee Google that they will provide a minimum amount of ad inventory each month.

Since he says that “Google wont even acknowledge it exists. You wont find anything written about it in any of Googles web properties.”, I wonder if he is allowed to blog about it publicly. Everyone knows about it now anyway.

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