Voting Open for International Edublog Awards 2006

Seems like its is a season for blog awards. Voting is now open for the International Edublog Awards 2006. Nominations have been collected from edubloggers worldwide the best that the edublogosphere has to offer is in the showcase. Voting is on in following categories

*Best Audio and/or Visual Blog 2006
*Best Group Blog 2006
*Best Individual Blog 2006
*Most Influential Post, Resource or Presentation 2006
*Best Library/Librarian Blog 2006
*Best Newcomer 2006
*Best Research Paper 2006
*Best Teacher Blog 2006
*Best Undergraduate Blog 2006
*Best Wiki 2006

The categories are arranged as blog posts with a link to vote in each. This means that you can vote for the categories you are most interested in. Vote your favorite edublogs.