XNA Game Studio Express and XNA Creators Club Released

Microsoft released the XNA Game Studio Express that allows easy game development by creative minds and is now available for free to anyone with a Windows XP-based PC.

Also launched is the XNA Creators Club, enabling anyone to build and play amazing game ideas on Xbox 360 systems. Subscription to the XNA Creators Club is required in order to run XNA-based games on the Xbox 360. The XNA Creators Club is available on Xbox Live Marketplace for $49 for a four-month subscription, or $99 for an annual subscription. XNA Game Studio Express 1.0 is supported on Microsoft Windows XP SP2 (all editions) only and Windows Vista support will be available in a future beta release.

They will launch the Dream-Build-Play contest in January to XNA Game Studio Express customers on Windows and Xbox 360 through the XNA Creators Club membership. The contest offers the opportunity to showcase your talent with a chance for the winners game to be published on Xbox Live Arcade.

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One comment on “XNA Game Studio Express and XNA Creators Club Released

  1. Vincent says:

    This is a great project, loads of gamers have these dreams of their ‘perfect’ game -myself included. As the Xbox 360 is attracting loads of PC gamers, with all their modding greatness, expect cool stuff to come out of this. It’s also amazing to see the Microsoft of old -when they’re first to market, you will not get a chance, when they’re coming up from behind, they don’t stand a chance..

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