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Beware of MyBlogLog Tricks to Increase Community Members

MyBlogLog Communities have recently become a craze with popular bloggers displaying their recent readers using the widgets. A race has begun to encourage more members to join your community and showcase your blogs popularity.

Spam is a natural response to popular services. As SoloSEO demonstrated how easy it was to spam Techcrunch using the autorefresh feature. The MyBlogLog guys are busy fixing spam, but new innovative ways emerge everyday to spam MyBloglog.

Freakitude points to users posting redirect links that when clicked will automatically join you as a member of their community. Digital Inspiration shows you how easy it is to prepare your spam url. Just post the link and as users click the URL, they’ll become a part of your community without confirmation.

So I tried their hack, I got this link. If you click this you get added to the QOT Community instantly. Since this Mybloglog trick is joining members without permission, it might get the community owner hundreds of members and the trick is becoming popular. MyblogLog should really do something fast to fix this issue.

How to avoid this? Only click links through the Mybloglog widget you see on these sites. This is a javascript code sourced through Mybloglog and you will reach the correct links.

Join our QOT community (Note: not a trick url). As branded communities evolve and more Mybloglog tools are developed, they are on their way to greater success… if they can keep spam under control.

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  1. qureyoon says:

    Eric from MBL himself have plugged the hole ;)

    See Amit’s comment area ;)

  2. ilker says:

    At least (I think) MyBlogLog doesn’t allow Freakitude’s hack to work for messages sent within MBL.

    But the problem could be solved by an extra confirmation page for joining communities.. just like you get when adding a contact.

  3. Ellsworth Neidiger says:

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