Essential Security Upgrade : WordPress 2.0.6 Released

An important upgrade of WordPress 2.0.6 is released it includes an important security fix and they recommended everyone upgrades their WordPress installations. I guess this release fixes the recently reported WordPress template.php Exploit, which had WordPress users confused about applying patches.

Some of the important features in the release are
* Several security fixes.
* HTML quicktags now work in Safari browsers.
* Comments are filtered to prevent them from messing blog layouts.
* Compatibility with PHP/FastCGI setups.
*For developers, a new anti-XSS function called attribute_escape(), and a new filter called query which allows you filter any SQL at runtime.

Download WordPress 2.0.6. Check out the instructions to upgrade from WordPress 2.0.5 to 2.0.6. Probably some users will no longer need the plugin to fix Server 500 errors seen in WordPress 2.0.5. I just upgraded and it was a simple 10 minute task.

They say this is probably the last release before WordPress 2.1, a major feature release in quite a while. You can help testing WordPress 2.1 which has entered beta phase, by joining the beta group.

Update: In response to a email query – I was not required to upgrade the database from WordPress 2.0.5 to 2.0.6.

Update: Major MySQL changes are expected in WordPress 2.1 and WordPress plugin developers are required to fix their plugins to make them compatible with the upcoming version.

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