Join the 2000 Bloggers Project

Are you one of the 2000 bloggers buzzing around the blogosphere? Tino Buntic wants to link to 2000 bloggers on a page. As per latest counts, over 1000 faces of bloggers are already on the photo collage. You can join 2000 bloggers too.

2000 bloggers

Steven Aitchison is running a little experiment to find out what features would make you click on a photo to find out more information about that persons blog. Li Evans conducted an interview with Tino Buntic to find out more…

“In terms of benefits to others, it’s quite a bit. Absolutely every blog on that page is getting links. For example, Technorati is crediting every blog on 2000 bloggers with a link. In addition, that collage is constantly being re-published on other blogs and so people are now getting multiple links to their blogs.”

Join 2000 Bloggers

You leave a comment on their blog with a link to your blog and your name.
1. You must have a photo of yourself somewhere on your blog
2. Your blog must have been created prior to January 1st of this year.

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