KBCafe Blog Awards

The RSS blog presents the KBCafe Blog Awards 2006. Voting is open now and will close at 11PM PST on January 10th. You can vote using the form on that post. Nominations for the 2006 KBCafe Blog Awards closed a few days back. Did you miss nominating your favorite blog?
There is an amazing range of 47 topical categories to choose from –

1. Best Google Blog
2. Best Yahoo! Blog
3. Best Microsoft Blog
4. Best Apple Blog
5. Best Toronto Blog
6. Best Sillicon Valley Blog
7. Best Web 2.0 Blog
8. Best Webvertising Blog
9. Best Syndication Blog
10. Best Internet Communication Blog
11. Best SEO Blog
12. Best L.A.M.P. Blog
13. Best Wireless Blog
14. Best Music Blog
15. Best Malware Blog
16. Best Gadgets Blog
17. Best Photo Blog
18. Best Video Blog
19. Best Movies Blog
20. Best Hollywood Insider Blog
21. Best Video Games Blog
22. Best Baseball Blog
23. Best Hockey Blog
24. Best Scifi Blog
25. Best War Blog
26. Best Vehicle Blog
27. Best Right-Wing Blog
28. Best Left-Wing Blog
29. Best Law Blog
30. Best Venture Capital Blog
31. Best Marketing Blog
32. Best Disease Blog
33. Best Food Blog
34. Best Anonymous or Former Employee Blog
35. Best New York Blog
36. Best Japan Blog
37. Best Middle East Blog
38. Best Web Design Blog
39. Best Web Services Blog
40. Best Gambling Blog
41. Best Basketball Blog
42. Best Football Blog
43. Best Religion Blog
44. Best Anti-Fan Blog
45. Best Family Blog
46. Best Sex Blog
47. Best MySpace Blog

Vote for the nominated blogs now. See who is winning.

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