View Best Sunrises in Google Earth

Always wanted to visualize the best sunrises in the world? A new Google Earth layer brings the natures most beautiful sunrises right to your computer screen, drawn from Discovery HD Theater’s “Sunrise Earth” program. The Official Google blog says that you can now select the Sunrise Earth layer under Discovery Networks and follow nature’s most beautiful phenomena.

“Watch dawn rise over Stonehenge, Mayan pyramids, and Buddhist temples as it has for thousands of years. See the Katmai Bears emerge from their seven-month slumber to greet a new day. Witness the sun’s light bringing life to natural habitats around the world, from the forests of Costa Rica and the coast of New England, to the foothills of Turkey and the glaciers of Alaska.”

Here is the Sunrise Earth layer (.kml file) to add to your collection of layers in Google Earth. More amazing sights on Google Earth are KFC Colonel Sanders, Eva Longoria, Firefox crop circle and even Santa Claus!

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