Who is the “Queen of Search”?

Who is the most powerful woman in search? Who do you think is the godmother of search? A poll is on at Marketing Pilgrim to answer this question.

The top women of search in the race are

Vanessa Fox
Marissa Mayer
Jill Whalen
Kim Krause Berg
Elisabeth Osmeloski
Heather Lloyd Martin
Jennifer Laycock
Christine Churchill
Dana Todd
Shari Thurow
Barbara Coll
Jennifer Slegg

If you view the results, Jennifer Slegg seems to be clearly winning the title with 54% votes, followed by Jill Whalen with 12% votes. Just in case the name did not strike you, Jennifer Slegg is the popular Jen at Jensense.

Whom are you voting for?

Update: Vanessa Fox won with 11% (112 votes)

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