Bloglines Imagewall on New Domain for Restricted Access

Bloglines recently launched the Imagewall which displays dynamically generated images for the millions of feeds that Bloglines indexes every minute. Though it was an interesting use of feed images, it contained many offensive images of adult nature and not suitable for the general audience using Bloglines to read feeds.

Bloglines realized that though they had developed a great tool, the unmoderated graphics could easily offend people, inspite of the terms you agree to. Addressing these concerns, they have moved the Bloglines Imagewall from the domain name to its own domain name

The advantage of being on a separate domain name is that now any school, library, parent, guardian or third party filtering service can add this full domain to their list of restricted domains to be blocked and prevent access to offensive graphic content.

“We believe that those most concerned about access restrictions will have filtering software on their computers, and this change should make it easy to permanently opt-out of the Image Wall for all the computers under their control.

Furthermore, to better ensure that the Image Wall is appropriately restricted, we have contacted each of the major filtering services and asked that be added to their list of adult websites.”

This has been a smart move by Bloglines, since once ISPs and institutions start blocking Imagewall, Bloglines would have been blocked too. Now you can continue accessing Bloglines, even if Imagewall is blocked.

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