Dreamhost Planned Outage : Network Server Errors Persist

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I have received many emails regarding the server errors while accessing this site. Dreamhost webhosting had planned a 5 hours downtime yesterday, but the power outage planned by building management which had scheduled an emergency maintenance, has created a row of network issues for Dreamhost customers.

Once the power outage was over (with over 900 comments, some not so polite), an issue with a blade in one of the core routers caused the servers to be unreachable. then there was some mail delay on junk filtered domains, and now residual network issues are still on even as I write this post! (The autosave feature of WordPress 2.1 saved this post 2 times thankfully).

Below is a downtime traffic record during the power outage. This is how I usually track my web hosting uptime by hourly traffic statistics.
Hosting Power Outage

Every web host has server problems and networks issues. I still love Dreamhost for the simple reason they keep their customers informed about every network issue – planned or unplanned.

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