Firefox Add-ons Review and Promotion Contest

A large part of Firefox browser popularity is generated by the large number of firefox add-ons, notably firefox extensions and themes, developed by the open community, which add amazing functionality to Firefox. The community at Spread Firefox is running a contest to an effort to promote the use of specific add-ons.

Firefox Add-ons Reviews Contest encourages you to write reviews about specific add-ons on your own blog or website, show off the cool and useful features and add a link to the add-on and another to download Firefox. Then you can post a comment to your link or submit the link to the list of reviews.

The contest will last for 2 months (starting Feb 1), after which the jury will pick the winners. Visit the Firefox Add-ons Reviews page at Squidoo and see the list of add-on reviews and promotion pages. Vote for the ones that you like most (login needed to vote).

I have a popular post about 50 best Firefox extensions which can give you an idea to write about.

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2 comments on “Firefox Add-ons Review and Promotion Contest

  1. Lisa says:

    For everyone able speaking german I recommed the add on – cool and simple

  2. John74 says:

    However irreconcilable this difference may appear, it simply disappears in a semantic map. ,

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