Google AJAX News Bar : Google News on Your Site

Do you want to display the latest headlines from Google News sorted by your selected keywords. Google AJAX Search API lets you easily add page-controled news search results to your web pages or blog.

Google AJAX News Bar lets provides search driven bars of news results. It is highly customizable and you can specify the news bar’s orientation, the number of results it displays, the list of search keywords that drive it.

Check out the News Bar Wizard, which will help you through simple customizations and generate all of the code for you. While generating the code, the Google AJAX Search API requires a free API key (which they create) that’s associated with your Google Account and the URL of your web site (of course you have to agree to the AJAX Search API terms of use).

By using the right keywords, you can generate extra related content via Google News for your visitors to read. Try the Google AJAX News Bar.

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