Shiny Awards 2007 Showcases Best Gadgets

The results of the Shiny Awards 2007 are coming in and LG has won three top Shiny Awards. Shiny Awards 2007, often called the Oscars of the gadget world, was hosted in London last night by Shiny Media, and was attended by many high profile British journalists and bloggers.

Shiny Media announced the winners of the Shiny Awards 2007.

  • WAG gadget of the year – LG Chocolate KG800 phone
  • ASBO gadget of the year – Samsung K5 MP3 player
  • Green Gadget of the year – Evesham Crusader Carbon3 PC
  • Gadget accessory of the year – Nike iPod sports kit
  • Best HDTV Contribution – Sky
  • Game of the year – The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (PC)
  • Smartphone of the year – Nokia N73
  • Boring but useful gadget of the year – Sling Media Slingbox
  • Gadget icon of the year – LG Chocolate KG800 phone
  • Best Fashion Mobile – LG Shine KV 4200
  • Best Web 2.0 innovation – Vox

More information is coming in. Keep track of the Shiny Media Awards category.

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