When Google Pen “Beta” Ran Out of Ink

What happens when Scott Grieder, Ask.com Group Product Manager, taking notes on an important conference call with his Google Pen, suddenly runs out of ink without warning. He blogs about his experience when the Google Pen Ran Out and he switched pens resulting in considerable inconvenience and loss of data.

I should have known better than to use a free Google product for business purposes.” Scott told us in a recent interview. “Google Pen is fine for home use, but not when my company’s productivity is on the line. I had to switch pens in the middle of taking notes. There’s no telling how much data I lost.”

google penIt has invited some interesting comments to bring a smile to your face…

“What’s worse than the Google Pen outage is the unfixed security vulnerability connected to this product.”
“Google Pen is a “Beta” product.”
“I better check up on all my Google pens…and what if my Google Shirt malfunctions?”
“I think you should file a support ticket or something on this!”:
“You accidentally logged out when you were using the Google Pen.”
“Surely you were running the Windows version of the Google Pen.”

Its interesting how a simple pen with the Google brand attached to it can create such a buzz via blogs. It invited a relook at Google products and lots of witty comments…. humor for the day for you.

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