50 Top Web VIPs : Most Important People on the Web

Who are the most important people on the web? PCWorld got around finding who makes the biggest impact online. They considered hundreds of the Web’s most noteworthy power brokers, bloggers, brainiacs, and entrepreneurs to figure out whose contributions are shaping the way we use the Web.

See the list of 50 top web VIPs and its no surprise that Eric Schmidt, Larry Page, and Sergey Brin – the top executives and founder at Google top the list. Truly Google and its amazing array of services have changed the way we live online. At number 2 is Steve Jobs, CEO, Apple which has stood against competition from the giant Microsoft and created a wonderful range of popular computer products.

At number 3 is Bram Cohen, Cofounder, BitTorrent – an amazing way to download large files (like movies) by sharing the burden across hardware and bandwidth. He is followed by Mike Morhaime, President, Blizzard Entertainment, who has redefined the world of online gaming with World of Warcraft with 8 million players worldwide.

On fifth place is Jimmy Wales, Founder, Wikipedia – which is an online encyclopedia of anything you could possibly search for; and if you cannot find it, add it. Don’t like it, edit it.

Go ahead and check out the whole list and see who is redefining the way you use the internet.

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