Blended Google Logo in Adsense Ads Spotted

After spotting strange Google Adsense ads previously like favicons, checkout icons, google logos, no titles, and no “Ads by Google”. and titles in italics, Google Adsense is testing again. This time they are blended Google logos in the ad.

While I was testing a new placement, this is how the ad usually looked.
Adsense Ad

Then Blogtalks pointed me to spotting this
Adsense Ad

And I spotted another variation
Adsense Ad

This seems to be a new series of Google Adsense ad variations where the “Ads by Google” is blended well into the ad. It is appearing both below and above the ad. I am sure it would get more clicks by the better non-ad appearance.

Update: Just in case you are wondering why those text ads love Quick Online Tips so much, John Chow has site targeted our blog. John Chow is well known for chatting via Adsense ads with Darren Rowse.

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