When is 9rules Round 6? Join by New Membership Rules

9rules is a popular blogging network and possibly you have submitted your site for inclusion too during their last 24 hours submission rounds. Recently Round 5 results trickled out and few of the 1190 blogs submitted made it. Now are you waiting for round 6? Maybe the 9rules membership rules have changed…

A post on 9rules explains a possible policy change about getting your blog on 9rules.

“If you emailed me since Ali’s launched, I’ve got it. Since Ali, I’ve been busy fixing member issues or administrative stuff so honestly I haven’t looked at any of the site submissions. That means you couldn’t have been rejected if I haven’t looked at it. I will begin going through the submissions the week of the 19th.

Round 5 people  email me again. I was looking at the sites today and too many URLs changed, feed changed or other issues to be efficient to go through those lists again.”

So who is 9rules Ali? Ali represents Muhammed Ali, who represents the new 9rules Version 5. I checked out the new membership page and you find a rough set of guidelines. At present the simplest way to join 9rules is to email Tyme with your request and include information about url, name, communities to join, something about yourself / your site and the username on your my.9rules account.

Scrivs, Tyme and Mike are busy picking the sites that are admitted into 9rules and here are some ways to get noticed by 9rules. Meanwhile, Round 6 might be announced soon or they may decide to keep this method if it works better for them.

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