Bloggers Choice Awards: Nominate Your Blog

We all love blog awards, and Blogger’s Choice Awards is another opportunity to showcase your blog to the world and get some free traffic and subscribers.

Blogger’s Choice Awards presents the blogs that are currently making an impact in the blogosphere. All of the blogs here are nominated, voted and commented on by users. Winners will be announced on June 2nd at PostieCon in Orlando FL. You can vote for us too.

You can nominate your own blog or other favorite blogs in a range of popular categories, and also vote and comment on others blogs that have already been submitted. There are no restrictions to nominations, votes, or comments. You can nominate as many blog sites as you want. Remember you can only vote once per blog, per category.

This is a nice idea to involve the readers in selecting and voting for these Blogger’s Choice Awards. They even created some cool badges for people to vote on. Here is our badge.
My site was nominated for Best Blog About Blogging!

Participate in the Blogger’s Choice Awards today.

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