Feedburner Adclimate : Blocks Ads for Select Keywords

Feedburner allows a wonderful platform for advertising on thousands of sites and RSS feeds. But advertisers were uncomfortable displaying their brand on objectionable content. Now Feedburner has launched Adclimate, a feature of the FeedBurner ad server that suppresses when an ad would be served in an RSS item or blog post containing keywords that an advertiser has pre-selected as inappropriate for their brand.

This is similar to the negative keyword exclusion capability of traditional ad networks like Google AdWords. FeedBurner allows feed publishers in the ad network to approve or decline the ads that run in their feeds or on their blogs, and now Feedburner Adclimate will enable advertisers to have more control regarding where their ads are displayed.

FeedBurner automatically screens a multi-language default list of keywords and AdClimate will tell the FeedBurner ad server to suppress an ad when keywords blocked by advertisers appear in the feed or blog post.

I am sure this will be a welcome addition to their top advertisers who must have demanded this feature. I hope we see a better advertiser to publisher ratio in Feedburner ad network now.

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