500 MyBlogLog Community Members

In another milestone, the our MyBlogLog community crossed 500 members. Mybloglog has changed the way site traffic statistics work by putting a face on your readers and has helped bloggers know their readers better. Join our community today.

Mybloglog was first launched as a popular traffic tracking tool for outgoing links and other similar services followed. Then they went beyond site statistics and the communities concept was a big success; so much that they were acquired by Yahoo!. If you are popular enough, you may even get your very own MyBlogLog Branded Community.

I have been a user of the Mybloglog Pro account which gives you additional functionality to track your traffic. From time to time they do give out free Mybloglog Pro accounts to Microsoft MVPs and Feedster top 500 blogs.

I thank these 500 members for being a part of the our Mybloglog community. What are you waiting for? Join now.

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