Strong Rupee, Weak Dollar: Lower Adsense Income

The changing forex currency market shows that the Indian rupee is getting stronger compared to the US dollar. Recently the rupee touched a nine year high against the US dollar. A stronger rupee means lower dollar income for Indian bloggers since most affiliate and advertising programs pay in US dollars (then convert them to rupees).

A quick look at the U.S. Dollar to Indian Rupee Exchange Rate over the last 5 years shows that the rupee is getting stronger with improving Indian economy. A few years back the weak rupee at Rs. 47-48 per dollar closed at Rs. 40.575 per dollar this Friday.

Rupee Dollar Conversion Rate

I received my latest Google Adsense check based on the dollar rupee exchange rate of Rs. 40.50 per US dollar. For the same month in last year the Adsense check was issued at an exchange rate over Rs 45.50 per dollar. It basically means that if you earned $1000, which converted to Rs. 45,500 then now earns you Rs 40,500. Thus, a loss of Rs. 5000 per $1000 dollars earned simply because the Indian currency, the rupee is getting stronger. Similar is the case for Paypal, and other affiliate programs.

Of course you can let Google hold your payment, but for how long!

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