WordPress Plugin Competition 2.0 for Developers

If tweaking php code and creating wordpress plugins is your expertise, then wordpress plugin developers can participate in the WordPress Plugin Competition 2.0 being held by Weblog tools collection and showcase their coding skills and win prizes too.

Announcing the WordPress Plugin Competition 2.0, they say the contest will run for 2 months starting the 1st of June till the 31st of July. Only True WordPress plugins will be accepted and no manual modifications can be required of users. You cannot submit plugins that have been released already and submitted plugins require good documentation. Preliminary support for the plugin has to be provided to the public too.

All code must be released under GPL and should be available for download through the Competition Blog or via the WordPress Extend pages and linked back from the blog.

Learn how to write a wordpress plugin, and then see some ideas about submitting and promoting your new plugin.

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