WOW Visa Credit Cards for World of Warcraft Gamers

Credit cards for gamers! Blizzard Entertainment, developer of World of Warcraft, has tied a deal with First National Bank Omaha to release a World of Warcraft Visa card (or WOW credit card). This credit card will give players of the MMORPG free play time for their consumption with the card.

Wow visa credit card

Users will receive a month of World of Warcraft free subscription time with the first purchase using the World of Warcraft Rewards card. Thereafter players will receive”game time at the rate of 1 percent of every dollar in qualifying purchases.

That means for each $1 spent on their WOW Visas, players will get $0.01 credit toward their $14.99 monthly subscription fee. Rewards are awarded through a points system (credit card earns you 1 Point for every $1.00 spent). You can earn unlimited points, which will expire after 5 years. It is a Platinum Edition Visa Card with no annual fees!

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