Get Featured on Yahoo! People on the Web

Yahoo! has launched a new series called People of the Web (POTW) which will explore the stories behind the most interesting people and characters on the Internet. If you have created a significant buzz in the blogosphere, Yahoo! might decide to feature you on People of the Web!

Yahoo Anecdotal introduces the People of the Web (POTW) series, which is hosted by veteran journalist Kevin Sites who will introduce you to people of social significance.

“This year, we hope to put a human face on the Internet. While theres certainly plenty of coverage about Internet businesses and technologies, no major news outlets are covering the stories about the people creating followings, controversies or awareness via the Internet. We believe its a unique beat and one thats expanding exponentially so theres no shortage of great material.”

POTW has integrated with MyBlogLog, so if you are a MyBloglog member, you show up as a visitor on their page, and can even join as a member of the POTW community. Improve your chances of getting noticed by Yahoo! and get featured for Person on the Web.

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