50 Free 8apps Invites to Giveaway

Need a 8apps invite? 8Apps is “Social Networking for Productive People”. 8Apps offers a suite of online applications that helps you to work better, collaborate with friends and have fun doing it. Currenly 8apps is invite only and in private beta. I have 50 free 8apps invitations to giveaway to my readers.

Handshake offers a fully-featured social network for like-minded entrepreneurs, with collaborative functionality. Share task lists in Orchestrate, and brainstorm together in Blueprint. Use these tools, share them with friends, and have fun while doing all this!

All new web 2.0 services are adopting the invitation route. It helps them to grow in a controlled way without crashing their servers, obliges the early beta testers, helps spread the word by creating an invitation scarcity and enables bloggers to provide benefit to their readers by distributing invites. I also have some Pownce and Blogads invites available.

Thanks Rishi for inviting me to 8apps. Post a comment below if you need a 8apps invite…