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Content theft and Plagiarism has become common occurence in the blogosphere. Splogs are scrapping full feed content and republishing it easily. In an effort to help bloggers deal with Plagiarism issues, the Performancing Legal Issues Forum is a good initiative.

The Performancing Legal Issues Forum is moderated by Jonathan Bailey, well known for Plagiarism Today, a leading resource about content theft, copyright and plagiarism issues on the web. Though he is not a lawyer, he is very knowledgeable about legal issues that face bloggers.

The Legal Issues Forum can help you deal with content theft or plagiarism issues when a scraper or a plagiarist is misusing your content. They will research the matter, suggest the best course of action, locate information necessary to follow through and posting stock DMCA notices and cease and desist letters to help with that process. They also deal with copyright issues including licensing, fair use, defamation, trademark, free speech issues, privacy and other issues of interest to bloggers. Visit the forums if these issues are affecting your blog.

It is easy to detect content theft by using these 20 best free Anti-Plagiarism tools. Lorelle has compiled and excellent resource on what to do when someone steals your content.

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