Carlos Slim Helu Overtakes Bill Gates as World’s Richest Man

It is being widely reported that Mexican tycoon Carlos Slim Helu is now the world’s richest man, and has overtaken Bill Gates, Microsoft co-founder and chairman who held the title for many years.

Carlos Slim HeluTimes Online reports that Carlos Slim Helu is now worth an estimated $67.8 billion (33.6 billion), compared to Bill Gates with a net worth of $59.2 billion. Carlos Slim Helu runs Latin America’s largest mobile phone operator America Movil, whose share price has recently soared by 27 per cent.

The Forbes List of World Billionaires released in early 2007 had placed Carlos Slim Helu at third position after William Gates III and Warren Buffett. Now I guess the rich ranking will change soon.

It will also interest you to know that Forbes 400 Richest Americans are all Billionaires! When are you earning your first million…


  1. kuanhoong says:

    I guess this is a very good sign as the richest man in the world is from a developing county.

    Hopefully more entrepreneurs will emerge soon.

  2. Aayush says:

    Slim might have taken over as the richest man…but Gates is still the king. He came up with the WINDOWS operating system..which has revolutionized our lives. Lets hope some Indian tops the list..maybe Mukesh Ambani might make it in some years ! u never know !

  3. andreio says:

    At last, someone has taken the lead from Bill. I agree that there will be changes in charts due to fabulous economic grow of China and India … well see …

  4. shekhar gampa says:

    it is very happy to see someone has overtaken bill gates as world richest man but i will not see this change for many days because gates is legend

  5. Jay Koshal says:

    The only reason Bill Gates is #2 is that he gave a chunk of his fortune to charity!

    The score keepers should add that back when computing the ranks.

    Or, better yet, add twice what they gave away!

  6. anujkumar mishra says:

    i will overtake all the upcoming trillionaire oneday.

    i will make my country (india) the richest country in the world.
    thats the promise…

    as i had promised my father.

  7. Nektaria pikos says:

    Im glad someone finally makes more money than bill gates but bill gates is still a legend he made microsoft what more can i say hes a smart ass!
    and he is generous he gave money to charity i’d say hes pretty decent.

  8. kuppan says:

    i thing there will a race between these two

  9. yusuff lawal says:

    iam yusuff lawal iam very happy that carlos slim helu was announced as the world richest man. it was quite amazing to hear that. but my view about this issue is that how is it possible for him to be at that post as soon as that.iam confused. but bill gate is well known person than this man and bill has helped many people including me. so how could you think that this man will help the universe. and iwant a very sensitive reply on this issue pls kindly reply me with my mail

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