Gmail and Threadless T-Shirt Design Competition

Gmail wants its free email users to submit a design that you think embodies the Gmail personality most and incorporate it in a T-Shirt. Gmail has partnered with Threadless, to collect submitted designs, get people voting, print the winning T-Shirt designs and sell them online with lots of other prizes for the winner too!

Visit the Gmail loves Threadless contest site. The design theme is Connect! and you need to you need to submit your design by August 16. They are giving away a grand prize – 8GB iPhone, Jawbone Bluetooth headset, $400 gift certificate from JetBlue Airlines, 1-year 12 Club subscription, fun Google schwag, $300 Threadless Gift Certificate, and $2,000 in cash to the winning designer.

All submissions will also be eligible for the ongoing Threadless T-Shirt competition and you may only submit up to three designs during the duration of the competition. Get your designing skills working, maybe the prize will tempt you.

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5 comments on “Gmail and Threadless T-Shirt Design Competition

  1. Ryan Wagner says:

    I heard that you can’t include any copyrighted logos on your design though…even Google ones. Kinda stupid if you ask me, but they’ll reject your design if you do.

    According to the terms they are not looking for a “branded” t-shirt. So those of you going through with a design better beware before you spend the time working on a design.

  2. Luanne Brooten says:

    I think the t-shirt contest is a wonderful oportunity for artists to stretch their abilities to create something spectacular following the limitations of 5 colors only and the other computer limitations. It is cheaper than buying lottery tickets and you have better odds of winning. I draw the designs and ask my husband who is computer wise to scan them and make them acceptable, so it is a partnership. Even if I don’t win, the journey is fun.

  3. Ahamed Bazullah says:

    Very Nice

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  4. JXL73 says:

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