on AIR: Join the Adobe Integrated Runtime Bus Tour

The on AIR Bus Tour is a 18 city tour across North America to hold free developer conferences and spread the word about the Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR).

AIR or Adobe Integrated Runtime (previously code-named Apollo) is a cross-operating system runtime that allows web developers to build and deploy web applications and content to the desktop.

The on AIR bus tour will be home to lots of Flash, Flex and JavaScript developers who will share their skills and how Adobe Integrated Runtime is a useful tool for web developers. They will be hosting live 24/7 video feeds from the bus, and real time data and location feeds and updates from the tour. The Adobe bus has its own API!

The bus tour schedule reveals its first stop will be Seattle, Washington on July 10 and end at Chicago, Illinois on Sept 29, 2007. Are you a web developer and want to learn how to develop for the Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR), register for the on AIR Bus Tour. The Adobe bus is waiting for you.

Update: Robert Scoble is taking a short trip to Seattle aboard the Adobe bus!

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