451 Press Becomes Largest Blogging Network

451 Press claims that it is now the Largest Blog Network! Joining blog networks helps in the collaborative growth and popularity of bloggers. The craze to join blogging networks is on the rise.

451 Press has announced that it is now the largest Blog Network with more than 300 daily blogs that provide real-time, on-demand content, written by a team of award-winning professional bloggers. 451Press.com launched in September of 2006 with 10 blogs and now in less than a year, has 329 unique sites and 10 million visitors a month. 451 Press has added a blog aggregator on the front page to help visitors track breaking news in their contributing blogs.

The Blog network list had a good attempt to arrange blog networks by size (I wish it was updated with current data). Earlier Blogger Lounge had compiled a list of top 10 largest Blog Networks on the Internet like – Weblogs Inc., Gawker Media, b5 Media, 9rules, Weblogs SL, Shiny Media, InstaBlogs… I guess the change in number of blogs participating in these networks is so frequent that it is difficult to keep track. 451 Press has started a race to create the largest blog network, but I hope they dont compromise on quality for quantity.

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  1. Jeremy Wright says:

    For the record, the 10 million is “sessions”, not visitors. It’s still a big number, but it’s not the one the 451 guys are touting ;-)

    Huge kudos to the team for this milestone though :)

  2. Dadviser says:

    In addition to my main blog at Dadviser, I write for All About Fatherhood, a 451 Press blog. I started writing for a home theater blog there, which was nowhere near my expertise, to get my feet wet so to speak.

    During my 5 months there or so, I can say that oftentimes the original writer for a blog is not the best fit, but they continually look out for those who would do a better job and eventually find them.

    I can also say I will not stay forever because I have my own blog in the same niche, but I’ve enjoyed the growth they’ve experienced and the ability to improve my blogging skills. So far, I can say the quality has actually gotten better with the growth.

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