DreamHost PS Private Servers: Linux-VServer Premium Hosting

Dreamhost webhosting has launched a new invite only premium hosting service called DreamHost PS (Private Servers) available only as an add-on to a current DreamHost hosting plan. Powered by Linux-VServer to give you your own “virtual machine”, it protects your CPU and RAM from all other users on your physical machine.

Some of the major advantages of opting for DreamHost PS private servers is you get your own protected CPU and memory and can still burst up to the full 2.3 GHz CPU and double the memory. You can even name your own server and also get 2 unique IPs with it. You can easily reboot your own server from the panel and even change your memory and CPU without rebooting!

It works just like your current shared service and you still enjoy all the reasons why I love Dreamhost. However, it is currently invitation-only and costs $1.00/month per 10 MB and 10 MHz (if you pre-order now) and the setup fee of $100 is also waived for now. An average site using 150 MB RAM and 150 Mhz CPU – it will cost $15/month in addition to your shared webhosting fees.

Looking for Private servers, search an invitation for DreamHost PS.

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