Google License Plate Spotted in Sweeden

While people want to have a premium VIP license plate on their car to show off their exclusive status, Joakim Jardenberg from Sweden managed to buy a new GOOGLE license plate for his car!

Google licence plate Joakim Jardenberg blogs about it and says the cost for the premium Google License Plate is 6.000SEK for ten years. Thats $872, or less then a hundred bucks a year. Why buy a Google License Plate? He says “By picking one of the hardest brands in the world I wanted to prove that no one is safe, but I also picked Google because I’m convinced that my little show can in no way harm Google. They have done their lesson of building the brand, so there is absolutely no damage done to them by this.”. Hey! he owns a BMW!

It would be interesting what Google has to say about trademark infringement. I thought that the Google whiz kids Sergey Brin or Larry Page might have already bought this prized license plate for their car. What does your special license plate reveal about you?

Found via Google Blogoscoped and Digital Lifestyles.

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