How to Morph Celebrity Faces Online for Free

A new web service lets you morph your face online for free! Give it two faces and it will morph them together to create a new person with the facial features of both. I morphed the 2 most beautiful women on earth to create Aishwangelina…

Morph Celebrity Faces

morph celebrity faces

Give a spin and try out the morphing power of this amazing tool by morphing celebrity faces from hundreds of famous people available on their site. You need to register to upload and morph pictures of your own. Remember to read the Good Image Guide and follow the guidelines to get the best morphs (and avoid weird results) with Morph Thing.

I decided to morph together Aishwarya Rai, the Most Beautiful Woman in the World, with Angelina Jolie, who topped the Most Beautiful People 2006 List. Check out Aishwangelina, Aishwaryangelina, Angelishwarya, Angelinaishwarya or Angelinarya or whatever you may call her. For more fun, you can morph Aishwaryangelina with another celebrity again till you get the most perfect face a woman can have!

Did I morph the most beautiful face in earth ? I would love to hear your comments…

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