Permanent Tattoos of Favorite Website Logos!

How far can website fans go to show love for their favorite websites and blogs – maybe post a review, add to blogroll, showcase your brand logo in their sidebar, or buy your branded T-shirt. Joe Tamargo aka sundaybrew got some permanent tattoos on his arm to share his favorite sites.

Blog tattooJoe Tamargo shows off the logos which he got tattooed on his arm. Now you know his favorite websites are Shoemoney, Digitalpoint and Grown Up Geek. Why did he tattoo the site logos? the answer is “to show mad love to these sites I permanently tattooed there logos on my arm”.

Though the tattoo maker did a great job creating these tattoos in their exact likeness, it is surprising to what extent someone will go to share their favorite websites. Or is it a case of innovative viral marketing? Your site could be next…


  1. TipsoSaurus says:

    Woah! that’s incredible! I think I’ll just lose all the money if I go ahead and start getting tattooed all over my body and will hardly have any place left… :P

  2. Shankar Ganesh says:

    Hehe interesting. Hope nobody sues him for using those logos in his body :P

  3. QuickOnlineTips says:

    @Shankar- Why sue when they can enjoy the free publicity!

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