Sandpress WordPress Theme Wins Sandbox Designs Contest

The Sandbox Designs Competition is over and winners have been announced. Challenging the skill of wordpress theme designers, the contest showcased new designs based on the popular Sandbox theme, well known for its rich semantic markup. The Sandpress WordPress Theme won the first prize…

Check out the participants of the first Sandbox Designs Competition and appreciate their designs. The final winners were announced after eleven volunteer judges rated these wordpress themes. The Sandbox Designs Competition was organized by Scott of, the cocreator of the Sandbox along with Andy of Automattic.

The winners were –
First place – SandPress by Arpit Jacob
Second place – Moo-Point by Will Wilkins
Third place- Prima by Sunaryo Hadi

There were some runner-up themes too –
Essay by Ian Stewart
Tiffany Blue by Ia Lucero
Shades of Gray by Leslie Franke

Arpit Jacob, creator of the winning Sandpress theme will continue to support the SandPress Theme and presents a mini Road Map of current and future goals, and is thinking of making a two column version of Sandpress.

2 comments on “Sandpress WordPress Theme Wins Sandbox Designs Contest

  1. Shankar Ganesh says:

    Congrats to the winners, specially Arpit. SandPress was quite a lovely theme in fact.

  2. Arpit Jacob says:

    thanks pchere and shankar :)

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