Moo Minicards Sale: 25% Discount Promo Code is a printing company that offers a popular products called Moo Minicards. These small business cards of 28 x 70mm have often made their impact when used effectively. Moo is celebrating their first birthday and customers can benefit by 25% discount on the order.

Moo Minicards are available in packs of 100 cards at a cost of $19.99 and global shipping for $4.99 only. This 25% discount lets you grab the whole deal with shipping under $20. If you want to try out Moo Minicards, this is the best time.

Moo Minicards Promo code

The latest Moosletter reveals the discounted Moo Promo code. On the payment page, enter the promo code BIRTHDAYMOO in the form provided. That will get you 25% discount. Hurry! This offer will expire at Midnight GMT (London time) on 30th September 2007.

If you still dont understand how you can use Moo Minicards, check how people use them. PS – I have no financial interest in this deal.

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