AirPress Blogging Client Powered by Adobe AIR

Desktop Blogging Clients help power bloggers mange multiple blogs easily by providing an easy interface for managing, editing and uploading your blog. AirPress Blogging Client is a new blogging software, that is powered by Adobe AIR, a cross-operating system runtime that allows developers to build and deploy rich Internet applications to the desktop.

AirPress has some cool features you might like

  • Custom / animated windows
  • Embedded database for offline read/creation of posts
  • Detection offline / online
  • File I/O API for saving FLV webcam videos record
  • ActionScript / JavaScript Script bridging to interact with the text editor made in HTML/javascript.
  • Drag and Drop Support for the media (pictures, sounds, videos, flash animations…) you want to insert in your post.
  • Network communication with the blogs via XML-RPC

Now this write post screen will surely get you interested in trying it out.