Do You Maintain a Status Blog? Check QOT Status

How do I communicate with you when this blog is offline due to server / hosting issues, undergoing a wordpress upgrade or simply inaccessible? I had earlier created QOT status, a blog on blogger to keep the communication going when our site is down.

We are now maintaining the QOT status blog on blogspot and it includes links to alternative modes of communication like Twitter, Stumbleupon and our MyBlogLog community and also includes our contact email. It has links to the Dreamhost status blog highlighting current problems with our web hosting service. The blog will help provide an alternate media to keep posting should the blog go offline for some unavoidable reasons like server issues, hacking or other unforseen circumstances.

Why is QOT Status on Blogger? When Dreamhost shared hosting goes down (usually it doesn’t – see why I like Dreamhost), you need another reliable source to post a notice. And I cannot find a better place than Google’s Blogger – Its easy, free and its downtime is rare… (and this blog was on blogger too 1.5 yrs back!)

Often previously when the blog went offline, there was no means to communicate with the readers. Creating an alternate support blog can provide a useful way to keep a communication channel open.

What are your thoughts on maintaining a status blog?

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