Join Chitika Premium Publishers Club

Not all Chitika publishers are equal. Some are members of the Chitika Premium Publishers Club, which rewards outstanding publishers in the network with extra services and benefits and more money making opportunities.

Eligibility for Chitika Premium Publishers

To join the Chitika Premium Publishers Club – you should have used Chitika ads consistently and earned at least $1000 over past 90 days and / or you have proven high-quality traffic based on the advertiser feedback.

Benefits to Chitika Premium Publishers

* Enjoy a higher revenue share
* Get paid for impressions as well as clicks.
* Real-time auditing.
* Dedicated account manager
* Create custom ad-units for your site
* Instant Chat with your Account Rep
* New monthly Account Overview reports
* Customized backup categories
* Brand new “Chitika Premium Publisher” badges (referral-enabled)
* Requesting to be guest blogger on the Chitika blog

Now those are a lots of benefits for some top publishers to make more money from Chitika and skip switching to the advertising competition. It was about time that Chitika gave a better deal to their top publishers, much like the Google Adsense Premium program.


  1. Abhijeet says:

    Hey, I have been reading your blog regularly, and I subscribed to your RSS feed as well which helps me to keep myself abreast of your blog updates. I never tried Chitika but I might give it a try, hows your experience with it compared to adsense?

    Also, I never got a chance to get into blogads – could you please help me out here to host blogads for my blog in future? I appreciate.

    One suggestion: How about adding a column of “Top Commentators” on your blog? This will encourage your regular readers to comment more often.

  2. QuickOnlineTips says:

    Adsense makes us much more money than Chitika. But Gadget and product related sites claim to earn lots of money with Chitika.

    Top Commentators feature usually gets spammed by paid comments or fake comments to gain visibility. So I do not use it.

  3. Lionel says:

    From me, I will say that adsense is good but chitika is better :)

  4. Mostruário says:

    Nice Chandra! Chitika is pretty awesome !

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