How to Turn Off SnapShots Previews on Websites

Did you know you can remove snapshots previews on websites? Lot of websites have enabled Snap Shots on their site which empowers their readers with enhanced hyperlinks that display previews, text summaries, videos, stock charts, MP3s, product info etc. If you find these pop up links as irritating as I do, simply turn them off.

Disable and Remove Snap Shots

The official Snap-Shots FAQ page has an option that lets visitors disable Snap Shots. This is a toggle link which can be used to disable or enable Snap Shots. However, they advise that you must reload the page or clear your browser cache for the change to take effect. Also note that since deactivation uses cookies, if you delete your cookies, Snap Shots will be re-activated for all sites.

I just used that link to disable Snap Shots. I cleared my browser cache, reloaded the same page and the trial link on the first few lines of the page no longer shows a pop up preview, nor does any other page enabled with this feature! Now I can hope for a less cluttered browsing experience.


  1. Dana Wallert says:

    Thank you for this! Those things drive me crazy!

  2. Brown Baron says:

    I love this tip. It’s hard browsing through a blog when you keep getting the snap shots preview. Thanks!

  3. Mark says:

    Thank you so much for this tip, those snapshots are a pain! snapshot has it backwards – it should come disbaled and need to be enabled!

    Nice site – added to my Favs.

  4. mack schroer says:

    How do I disable the painful “snapshot” widget as the host using wordpress?

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