Request Invites to Limited Preview of Redesign, the most popular online social bookmarking service is redesigning and they are sending out invites to a few members to test and preview the new interface and upcomming features of You can also request an invite.

They have announced that they have refreshed the UI, built an entirely new (and faster) search engine, and added numerous improvements based on user feedback.

How to know you are invited? – Check the links for you section (after login) to see if you’re in the first round. Since the current invite list is full, you can request an invitation to the delicious preview, and they might invite you when the list repoens. The preview might go live by then too…

The limited sneak peek of the new Delicious is available at preview login page. It works beyond that only if you have the invitation.

Update: Techcrunch has the exclusive screenshots of the new redesign.

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3 comments on “Request Invites to Limited Preview of Redesign

  1. Thiru says:

    Great. I can’t wait to see the preview show.

  2. KC says:

    Have you experienced their new password policy? Now they won’t allow very short PWs (probably good) but they also won’t allow PWs that repeat even 3 letters of your login name. Since when is that really an issue?

  3. johnald says:

    i really, really wish they’d have a comment option on each link, would make it infinitely better for me. because some of us use it to show other people interesting links – how would i know what they think of them?

    anyone send me an invite anyway? to [email protected]
    thanks :)

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