YouTube Video Identification Protects Copyright Holders

Youtube, the popular Google video sharing service just made the rules stricter and launched Video Identification that aims for three main goals: accurate identification, choice for copyright holders, and a great user experience.

YouTube Video Identification will help copyright holders identify their works on YouTube and will let them choose if they want to block, promote, or create revenue from their videoa The new YouTube Video ID will help carry out that choice.

The Official Google blog says that Video Identification joins the following policies and tools:

  • Our strict repeat-infringer policy, which has been in place since our launch, terminates accounts of repeat infringers based on DMCA notices.
  • We take a unique “hash” of every video removed for copyright infringement and block re-upload of that exact video file prospectively.
  • We require a 10-minute limit on the length of content uploaded to the site.
  • We provide content owners with an electronic notification and takedown tool, to help them more easily identify their material and notify us to take it down with the click of a mouse.
  • We also publish copyright tips for users in plain English and clear, prominent messaging at the time of user upload.

This is great step by Google which will help more people host their content on Youtube, with the assurance of full copyright protection, the choice of sharing rights and the abiility to generate revenue from their videos. Here are some cool Youtube tools for you to play with.

3 comments on “YouTube Video Identification Protects Copyright Holders

  1. Linderman says:

    This would a great news for “Owners”….You tube should have done it long before :)

  2. Niyaz PK says:

    Video identification is a tricky area. Lets wait and watch where it leads us..

  3. collegekid92 says:

    I understand why this is in place but it makes it difficult for kids (like myself) that have nothing to gain from there videos to get ahead… my videos are always original but i sometimes use copyrighted music (because i lack the tools to create my own and/or cant afford to buy rights). this is a great tool but it just gets fustrating when my vids get taken down or muted.

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