Popular Generates 5 More Traffic Sources

After the Absolutely Tools hit the front page hotlist, the page is now featured on popular page and is generating some extra traffic via web services that syndicate the popular content. Here are the top 5 such web services sending us traffic right now…

1. Popurls – This is a single page aggregator which syndicates top headlines from, digg, reddit, newsvine, wired, truemors, tailrank, Google news, yahoo news etc. and even youtube videos, flickr images… It inspired a new generation of single page buzz aggregators.

2. DoggDot – It syndicates breaking popular content from Digg, Slashdot and Remember it was earlier called DiggDot when Digg showed them a trademark notice and they changed name.

3. Most Popular Treemap – Arranges the most popular stories in boxes, with more popular stories in bigger boxes. A popular tool. Treemap

4. Uthink – a blogging front page at the University of Minnesota, where they syndicate headlines from some top sources “for your reading and blogging pleasure”. For SEO experts, thats an .edu backlink!

5. – also syndicates some daily popular content from Digg,, Fark etc.

These 5 sources are currently bringing me extra traffic simply because they syndicate content from popular. They will continue to bring traffic till the article is featured as popular content and then disappear.

But the traffic till now is much less than that generated by hitting the front page hotlist! Maybe because it is a weekend…

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