Yahoo! Voice Diwali Deal: Cheap PC-to-Phone Calls to India

Yahoo! Messenger lets you make PC-to-phone calls to and from countries around the world. The normal international call rates using the Yahoo! Voice Phone Out service to India are 7.9/min. But as part of Diwali celebrations in India, they are offering cheap call rates at 4.9/min!

You need to sign up for Phone Out, install Yahoo! Messenger and simply start calling to India! Here is the Yahoo! Voice Diwali Offer page which lets you call at 4.9/min from Nov 08 10:30am PST (Nov 09 12:00am IST) till Nov 09 10:29am PST (Nov 10 11:59pm IST). After Diwali deal is over, the call rate will be the usual 7.9/min with no connection fees. Of course you can call your friends for free with PC-to-PC Calling in Yahoo! Messenger.

Wish your friends in India a Happy Diwali today. Its easy and cheap too.

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4 comments on “Yahoo! Voice Diwali Deal: Cheap PC-to-Phone Calls to India

  1. sendilvelan says:

    hi i want to make free calls from japan to india

  2. vikey says:

    how mach will it cost for call

  3. RL.Hrangchunga says:

    Yahoo voice PC to Phone calls to India

  4. Tabitha Beas says:

    This is a exceptional post, but I was wondering how do I suscribe to the RSS feed?

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