Preview New Firefox 3 Icons

The final version of Firefox 3 will be out soon and new icons are under development. Alex Faaborg, a Mozilla User Experience Designer, presents us the new icons that will make Firefox more beautiful.

New Firefox 3 Icons

Presenting a first look at Firefox 3 icons, Alex says refreshing the icons in Firefox usually occurs in the later beta releases during the development cycle. He says Firefox 3 will contain 120 icons (190 in different sizes) on each of the four platforms.

They make sure that Firefox feels native on every platform – Windows, OS X or Linux. Windows icons will resemble the Royale theme. OS X will resemble the unified metal appearance like the proto theme. On Linux, Firefox native GTK icons will be used and rest in the Tango style.

The Firefox windows icons are being developed by the icon design studio Iconfactory. They have also planned an update of the application icon for Firefox 3 and Jon Hicks is working on it.

View the image of complete Firefox icon set. Note that many icons are still drafts, have inconsistencies across platforms, and have some modifications planned. Meanwhile download Firefox 3 Beta and preview it.

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