Hostgator Employee Referral Program: Earn $2500

Now you can make money online by simply referring employees to web hosting company Hostgator, and if they hire your referred expert, you can earn an easy $2500 per referral! Just think the referral income if you ran a placement agency…

Usually web hosting companies have referral programs to attract more webmasters to host their websites at competitive hosting charges. An employee referral program will enable them to hire the best staff, which encouraging people to refer the best experts such that they can get hired and you earn your $2500!

Here are the payout rates
Linux Administrator: $2,500 per referral
Windows Administrator: $2,500 per referral
PHP/Perl Developer: $2,000 per referral
Chat/Phone Technical Support Representative: $500 per referral

The Hostgator blog lays down the guidelines before payout
1. They must be able to legally work in our Houston Headquarters.
2. They must be employed for 90 days in order to be paid.
3. You must fill out the below referral form before their first interview.
4. You cannot refer yourself.

Do you know someone who is interested, suggest an employee.

PS – I have no referral gains or payout via this post. The idea seemed interesting.

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